Privacy Policy -- We have three Wheelhouse policies listed here.  The most important to you, the client, is your privacy.  We do not sell names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses under any circumstances.  Some prospects have requested to talk to a reference from time to time.  In that situation we get permission from the client before we give out any client information.  We do not give out names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses to anyone unless we get permission from the client first.

Warranty Policy -- Of the three Wheelhouse policies listed here, our warranty is probably the second most valuable.  We warranty the net, L-screen, and connectors for one year from date of purchase. The warranty covers baseball/softball related use. We do not warranty non-baseball/softball activities: lawn mower damage, animals chewing holes in the net, etc. We will send scraps we have on hand to repair the net in those non-sports related instances. There may be a nominal charge for such scraps.

Return Policy -- We are a small company and cannot afford unhappy clients.  Our success has been due to providing excellent customer service and a good quality product.  Therefore, if within one year from date of purchase you are dissatisfied with the quality of our product return the batting cage and we will refund your money.  You will only be out the return shipping charges.  This applies to our standard cages only, not custom cages.  It does not apply to any pitching machines or pitching machine accessories.  Each pitching machine manufacturer has their own return policy as shown below:

Bata:  30 days after receipt of machine, with 25% restocking fee, plus shipping charges.
First Pitch:  14 days after receipt of machine
Zooka:  30 days after receipt of machine.
Sports Tutor:  7 day return policy.