Tom D

Martinez, CA

Bob, I bought one of your batting cages in 2012. I liked it so much that I told all my youth baseball parent buddies about it and so far two of my friends have bought cages from you. My sons use the cage all the time and my high school freshman son just had baseball tryouts and made the varsity team.

Anyway, I had to build a protective screen to put in front of the pitching machine because my son kept hitting the ball back at the machine and breaking things on it. After replacing both motors ($300) and pounding out some dents, I had to use both the pitching screen stand brackets (both outside brackets) on the protective screen. I want to replace the stand brackets so that we can continue to use the pitching screen. Please tell me what it would cost me to buy two of these brackets from you.

We love the batting cage. Even my wife and I use it when the boys aren’t looking and I’m 60 years old.  Thanks.