Steve B

4/27/2016 - Syosset, NY

Hi Bob,

I bought a cage from you about 4 years ago I think and it has worked out real well. I did post a review on Amazon with photos (5 stars!) but wanted to send you the photos as well. The unique thing about your cage was I was able to fit it just in between my pool (covered in the photos for the Fall) and sunroom on uneven ground and in an odd shaped space that goes from 10 feet wide to about 15 feet wide. I had to dig out the hitting area to level it but other than that, it was pretty easy. I did add a little green gardening fence to cover the sunroom windows since they are within a foot to 2 feet of the cage at the narrow pitching end and a hard hit ball can “flex” the netting so they might impact the windows. I also have the First Pitch machine which is a very good product. I’ve recommended your product to lots of people so I hope some have come through for sales.

Best regards, SB
[See pictures in “client snapshots” album in Snapshots gallery.]