Scott M

Garnerville, NY

Dear Bob. My name is Scott M from Garnerville, N. Y. & I purchased your 50ft. cage approx. 6 years ago and it was an investment well worth it. I recommend this product to everyone that wants to make their child or a team a better hitter. I’m a little league coach and I use this cage for batting practices. It helped my team become the junior league champs in our town’s league. I take you product down every fall and install early spring. Due to a lot of use and I mean a lot of use, I have some holes in the net due to use, weather and some small animals (even a Hawk). Do you offer repair parts (netting & twine) if not what do you suggest to use for making repairs. I read some of the ideas that other owners use such as carpet for a back drop, I think I might try that this year. Any suggestions will be help a lot and will allow a lot more use of a fine product that you sell. Thanks again for the product.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad it has worked out well for you. I have some scraps and extra twine I can send for no charge. Just give me an address and I’ll ship it out. If you need a target for the strike zone or just want some extra protection a piece of cheap carpet should work fine. You can hang it from the corner connectors with rope or twine. Good luck and hope you have another great season. /Bob DeCloss