Richard B

3/20/2015 - Thiells, NY

Good Morning Bob, I hope all is well.  This is the 3rd year I and setting up and using your Batting cage, my 3 children, I, and all there friends love it, Great Great product. I am a cautious shopper and it took me about 6 months of research to decide on a batting cage, I am so happy with my decision, your batting cage is perfect. I am glad I went with the heavier gauge netting, just a few bucks more it is so worth it, also the flexibility of the legs on the cage is great, we can make the cage wider or narrower depending on the circumstance. We live in New York State and we get 3 season out off the batting cage every year (Spring, Summer and Fall), batting cage goes up in the middle of March and comes down at the end of November.

Once again great product, you can not go wrong with this batting cage, I personally believe its worth so much more then I paid. Thank You.
Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed.  Thank You.