Marc S

4/30/2015 - Melville, NY

Hi. Bob. Since it was a few years ago I don’t really remember what the old site looked like. I will tell that it’s one of the best baseball investments we ever made. I was not sure how much my son Josh would use it but he’s in there pretty much every day. Each year it takes me less and less time to setup. Took only 20 mins this year in 40 degree March weather.  I am proud to say that Josh was recruited by a few schools to play baseball and has chosen to attend a local DIII school where he has a chance to start.

I also wanted to mention that J runs a baseball social media account called Bxxxx. He has over 60,000 instagram followers and over 24,000 on twitter. He uses the account to promote other baseball companies like X, Y, and Z to name a few. They have been quite pleased with the number of sales they get through his account. If interested you can reach J via email at  Thanks again.

[From Bob DeCloss:  I don’t give out any personal information without the client’s approval.  So the account, company names, and email are ‘hidden’.]