Kevin D

1/17/2014 - Columbus, IN

Hey Bob, I have been using the batting cage for about 3 months now and I has been a very important tool for my fast pitch team. What a great ideal!!! We use it 3 to 4 days a week for practice and it sets up very easy and disassembles easy as well. The only addition to the cage that I would add is an option for rubber feet for the poles so when we put it up in our warehouse (which is concrete floor) it doesn’t slide around. Thank you again for such a great product.


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, if the concrete is really smooth, the legs can slip outwards. I noticed that when we set up some cages inside a large hall a with very smooth concrete floor. You may want to put duct tape on the bottoms of the poles, that will give it some friction and prevent them from sliding. A slit racket ball may also work. Good luck and have a great season. /Bob DeCloss