Johan D

2/16/2017 - Bowling Green, KY

We like it a lot. I was able to put it up in ~1 hour by myself. I would recommend to anyone buying this cage, look at the instructions carefully so that you have the corner pieces in the correct position or the tubing will bend(not that big of a deal but it looks better if tubing is straight). Also I would make sure I don’t attach the net to the ground or Zip tie it to the tubing, because when the wind is blowing hard the net will not rip, but it may in my estimation if you try to attach it.  JD
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the corners are a bit tricky. They are all the same, so it is a bit hard to tell folks which one goes where. If you do mess up, then the legs just go backwards rather than outwards, if that makes sense. But it isn’t a big deal structurally, it’s more for ascetics. In fact if the legs go backwards, it gives you a little bit more room. But I’m with you, I like the look to be all the same. Have a great season. /Bob DeCloss