Joe P

10/11/2016 - Palatine, IL

Bob, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I kept meaning to, but you know how life goes. Anyway, I wanted to give you a picture of the cage in the back yard. It’s a picture of Tony mowing under the cage, and you’ll see how we handle the netting. We went out and got a dozen wall hooks (the kind you screw into the wall to hang up a jacket) and a roll of duct tape, and taped one onto each pole. When it’s time to mow, he just rolls the net up and hangs it on the hangers. The duct tape will wear out eventually, but we’ll just replace it. We’ve had it up all summer and haven’t had to replace one yet. You can’t really see the hooks in the picture, but I can send you a close-up if you’d like.

And just so you know, the cage has made a huge difference. Tony has always been considered a contact hitter. You can see him in the picture; he’s not a big kid. But with the cage he’s been out there every day hitting 100-150 balls, just getting a consistent swing and hitting to the back of the cage. The singles have turned into doubles and triples, and in our fall-ball playoff game last weekend he cranked a line drive over the left-center field fence at about 215 feet. Not bad for a 12-year-old who weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet!

So thanks again for a fantastic product. I continue to talk it up, and if anybody wants to ask me, I’ll be happy to tell them the same.  JP