Joe L

Farmington Hills, MI

Hi Bob.  A belated thank you for your counsel on our purchase from you earlier this summer. As you may recall from our discussion I bought a 60’ cage from you for my son’s 10th birthday present. We’ve been having a great time using the cage. The set up was easier than expected (the video you have on the website helped us lay it all out too), and it’s been fun to have. I also appreciate your advice about the netting gauge and the size of the cage—the system is really great as is without having to add on any expensive “extras.” I set up 50’ and have the pieces remaining to “expand” it as he gets older and might need more room. The L-screen has saved my bacon on more than one occasion too. My only complaint is that my arm feels like a piece of wet spaghetti because he wants me to spend all day and night throwing to him, but that’s what we got it for in the first place. Thanks again—we’ve had a great time, he’s really improving his swing and we both really appreciate it!