Joe G

2/18/2015 - Riverview, FL

Sir, I purchased a 60′ cage in January 2011 from Cages Plus.  I shopped around quite a bit, everything from permenant structures to buying my own netting.  Mr. DeCloss sold me on this product and it has been everything he said it would be and more.  The cage took me alone less than an hour to assemble.  The netting has lasted through hot summers and some high winds for over 4 years and it still has the same feel and tensile strength as when it was delivered.  I have taken the cage down, moved it to control the grass growth, and transported it. I would recommend this stop be your last.  The best quality of this design is the safety that it provides.  By using the EMT poles and the thin netting, there is very little ricochet. This was the most affordable, high quality, batting cage I have been in and have used.  I have recommended this cage to many other coaches, friends, and even home improvement workers that have asked about it.  Please don’t waste anymore time looking.  You found it here.

If I was more computer savvy I would have posted the above review for your website.  Great product, really.

I phoned you today asking how to get more twine for some holes in the netting that I believe were caused by some wild animals.  Also, the L Screen needs to be patched as well because my sons have worn that out and I want to remain safe (smile).  So, if you have some twine and maybe a small patch of netting that I can sew into the L Screen, that would be great.  Please ship it when you can and let me know how much I owe you.

Thanks again for a great product.  Now all I need to do is keep my arm in shape.