Douglas K

3/14/2016 - Sperrywille, VA

Mr. DeCloss,
Between my son playing baseball and my daughter playing softball we’ve really gotten a lot of use out of the 60′ cage I bought from you last year. It’s been really nice having a batting cage at home that we can just walk outside and use intead of having to drive somewhere else to use one and hope that someone else isn’t using it.

I have run into a little problem though. Not one caused by your product in anyway, but one that was caused by animal. We went out to use the cage earlier this week and something has chewed several holes through the netting at the end of the cage opposite of where we have our batter’s box set up. This is the one area of the cage that see the most balls hit to it so I need to get it fixed.

If I remember correctly, when I bought the cage last year you were running a special at the time of receiving a free 10’x10′ panel of cage netting with the purchase of a cage. I didn’t receive it and at the time didn’t really think it to be a big deal, but now I could really use it to repair the holes in our net. Any chance you show that in your records at the time I purchased the cage last year? If not, how much does a 10’x10′ panel cost? I bought the #21 knotted nylon netting. ¬†Thanks,¬†DK

I can send you a free panel of netting and some extra twine. The address I have on file is:


Is that still correct? Glad it has worked out well for you, sorry about the animals. You might want to lift it off the ground when not in use. This may allow a path for the animals to cross without getting caught up in the net. Some have used S hooks, clothes pins, or twist ties. Some even put hooks on the leg poles about 6-8′ off the ground and then just hang the net on them when they are done. Originally this was done for mowing the lawn underneath, but I think it would be good for animals too. /Bob DeCloss