Angela T

5/03/2015 - Lake Forest, CA

Hi Bob,  Thank you for the email. Here is our feedback and feel free to use this comment as needed for testimonials. I’ve also attached a couple pictures you can use if you like.

“We just put our cage up today and absolutely love it! It didn’t take long to construct it- a little more than an hour, maybe 2 hours total with the L-screen included. The poles that we had to purchase were inexpensive and in-stock at Home Depot and it took my husband and one of his friends to get it done.  We played with our boys for at least 2 hours today and even my teenage daughter came out to hit some balls (she’s not a ball player). The cage fits perfectly in our yard and even though it takes up most of the grass area, it doesn’t obstruct the view of our planter bed which is nice. It’s tall enough to allow for the ball to be thrown naturally and it’s nice to have the L-screen for added  protection when pitching to the batter. Another plus is that there is nothing that needs to be staked into the ground. We recently had turf grass installed and you can’t put stakes through the turf (or it’s not recommended), so we couldn’t have bought something that required a stake in the ground to hold it up. Because of the shape of the structure, it is very sturdy without having to go into the ground. Overall we are very happy with this purchase and feel it is a great product at a great price.”    Thanks!