Assembly Setup of batting cage.

These snapshots show the assembly setup of a Wheelhouse batting cage.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes once you get the hang of it.  It comes down even faster.  Follow these snapshots to erect your cage quickly.  You get better and faster with time.  While one person can do it, we do recommend that a minimum of two assemble the cage.  It is just a lot easier when you lift up the side there is a lot less sag with two or more people spread out.  We've learned a couple of tricks over the years to make the setup faster.  One is we remove the bolts for the leg poles.  The weight of the roof and netting hold everything down.  This way you don't even need  ladder to put it up or take it down.  When you are ready to take it down just use a bat handle or broom stick to lift up on the roof poles and the leg poles will come down.  Another is we use a 7/16" ratchet or socket wrench.  Don't over tighten the bolts.  They are made of soft material and can break off.  Once you feel tension, go another 1/2 turn.  You just need enough force to hold the poles in place.  One important tip is how to put on the corner connectors.  See the 5th snapshot below.  When you stand on the end of the cage, the greater than 90 degree should be on the end.