Kill the Umpire?

Don Denkinger’s phone hasn’t exactly been ringing nonstop, but it’s getting close. Denkinger was an umpire when the Kansas City Royals were last in baseball’s World Series in 1985, And Royals fans, not to mention those of the larger baseball … Read More

This Year’s Best: MLB 2014 Season Highlights

The 2014 Major League Baseball regular season has just come to a close. It will be a notable one for numerous reasons—it will be commissioner Bud Selig’s final year running the league, the season saw a total of five no-hitters … Read More

Major League Baseball Playoffs in Full Swing

October is here! That means that fall has arrived in full force, and also that Major League Baseball has moved on from the regular season into the postseason. Baseball’s playoffs are the most exclusive in all of the American major … Read More

Baseball History: the Designated Hitter Saga

Major League Baseball (MLB), as America’s oldest major pro sports league, has held onto some eccentricities which are alien to the more modernized NBA and NFL. One of baseball’s proudest traditions is its division into two separate leagues—leagues whose differences … Read More

Human Machines: the Greatest Major League Pitchers

There are many ways to try to measure greatness among athletes. Statistics, big-time postseason performances, and other events and metrics all come into play. Sometimes the greatest argument for a player’s status as an all-time great is the existence of … Read More

Baseball’s Home Run Kings

The most prized statistical feat in baseball is the home run—nothing else gets the fans, players, and sportscasters so excited as a ball knocked out of the park! Baseball’s history is full of notable home-run feats and climactic chases to … Read More

MLB History: Baseball’s Ultimate Pitching Feat

Major League Baseball is an historic game that is forever joined to its record books. Perhaps no other sport so highly prizes outstanding performances and achievements, to the extent that many past baseball seasons are remembered more today for the … Read More

The Triple Crown of Pitching: An Overview

While we previously discussed Major League Baseball’s famed Triple Crown of hitting, the sports also boasts another legendary “Triple Crown” feat. Pitchers are also capable of achieving Triple Crown titles, which are attained when a pitcher leads his league in … Read More

Pitching Machines: a Modern Touch on Batting Practice

Though batting cages have been around since the early 20th century, many components of modern batting cages are more recent creations. One of the most indispensable features of a batting cage is a pitching machine, yet these handy devices were … Read More

The Triple Crown of Hitting: Baseball’s Holy Grail

Few would dispute that baseball’s popularity has held up much better than that of the other two great sports of America’s early 20th century, boxing and horse racing. However, much like horse racing, one of baseball’s most coveted feats is … Read More

The Longest Home Runs in Major League History

Baseball prizes its record books more than any other sport does, and above all other statistics, home runs are king. That’s why races for historic home run feats always draw large crowds to ballparks for even the most routine regular … Read More

Mo’Ne Davis and Baseball Memorabilia

Although 13-year-old pitching phenom Mo’Ne Davis has been eliminated from the Little League World Series, her legacy as the first female Little Leaguer to pitch a shutout remains. And though some may write off her Sports Illustrated cover appearance as … Read More

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