Batting cage images

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These albums contain a wide variety of batting cage images showing our cages in a wide range of venues and uses.  The "Assembly" album gives a step by step visual of how to erect our cage.  Our clients have sent us hundreds of batting cage images.  We don't have them all listed here, but be sure and look at the "Client Snapshots" album to get an idea of how others have used our cage.  Some albums are special events like the Perfect Game Tournaments and the Cal Ripken World Series.  The Cal Ripken album is fun to look at.  The Cal Ripken World Series, for 11 and 12 year olds, is held in Cal Sr's Yard in Aberdeen, MD.  The park is a replica of Camden Yards, where Cal player for the Orioles his entire career.


These videos include an assembly video with spans 20 minutes compressed down to 2 minutes.  Also present are several of our commercials as shown on MLB and ESPN.  The WE network did a spot on our cage for one of their Weekend Makeover episodes.  There are some "user" supplied ones too.  A client in Puerto Rico sent a video of his son simply using the cage.