Why a backyard batting cage from Wheelhouse is right for you

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backyard batting cageA Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - is priced with the family in mind.  A complete system including netting, connectors, a complete L-screen ($190 value), and shipping starts at a little less than $700.  There is no installation kit to buy, no cement to pour, and no holes to dig.  The frame poles you will need to buy separately are readily available at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot.



A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - will give you years of trouble-free use. Since we started in 1998, none of our clients have had a single hole in the netting due to being hit with a baseball nor has the netting deteriorated due to weather or UV from the sun. This is due to the unique design we invented and the high quality of knotted nylon netting.  The netting is draped over the frame and not attached anywhere to the frame.  Because of this, the net can give, there is less wear and tear and abrasion on the net, hence longer life and more years of trouble free use for you.  Even we have been surprised.  While we can't say for certain how long your net will last we are hearing that a lot of nets last between 5 and 10 years before some minor repair is needed.  We have gotten reports of animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer, and even lawn mowers chewing on the net.


A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - is PORTABLE!  Two people can put up the cage in under 30 minutes, my son and I have put up a 50' cage in fifteen minutes.  This works out great for a team practice.  With help from your team, it will go up in minutes!  It comes down in even less time.  The L-screen is portable too, its support legs come off and the screen folds in half.  Because the cage is portable, it most likely will comply with your neighborhood's CC&R's.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble Batting CageA Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - assembly instructions are easy to follow.  We can put up a 50' batting cage up in about 15 minutes.  It may take you longer the first few times.  But it really is easy.  On the other hand, our competition's instructions are lengthy and complicated, involving snap hooks, turnbuckles, aircraft cable, cutting tubing to certain lengths and requiring some to have a "swedge" ends while others don't.  And the list goes on.  Our system requires no cutting or no additional hardware to buy.  You just buy the standard 10' long 3/4" EMT poles and you're ready to go.  You will need a 7/16" wrench, we use a ratchet or socket wrench, assembly goes faster that way.  That's it.  Check out our assembly video.


A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - will fit your yard.  Does your yard taper?  Is your ground uneven?  Is your yard too short?  Not a problem - our batting cage will fit.  Put up as few or as many sections as you like, up to the length of your cage.  Each section is 10' long.  It automatically fits the contour of your ground, which does not have to be level.  It can be adjusted to fit narrower confines and can even be tapered to fit odd shaped spaces.  While the standard width at the bottom is 14', you can easily move the poles in to 12'.  Need it narrower, bend the roof pole up this will be bring the leg poles in.  Need it even narrower?   Still not a problem, cut the roof pole down and taper that end.  We have had clients taper one end down to 8'.  I do suggest putting the pitcher at the narrow end.

Free L-screen

Free L-Screen

A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - includes a complete L-Screen for free.  A $190 value.  That's right.  We give you a complete L-screen, including the poles for the L-screen.  Some companies don't include the L-screen poles, just the net.  So be careful when you compare.  We charge $190 for this item separately.

Indoors or Outdoors

Indoor and Outdoor Batting Cage

A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - can be used indoors or outdoors.  Not only does it make a great outdoor batting cage, it can be taken indoors during inclement weather or during winter to keep your players in shape.  Utilize existing space and create an extra hitting station.  Some move it to a gymnasium or other indoor facility.  It has been reported by some of our clients that it is a neighborhood magnet. Take it to your team practice - be the envy of the rest of your team!  We have some teams where five players on the same team have our batting cage.  Save hundreds of dollars on coin operated machines.  Leave it up all year long (we do recommend taking it down in the winter if you can't play).

Less Sag

saggingnet-redA Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - has very little sag.  Another advantage of our design over the traditional netting is it has much less sag.  With our ten foot sections and the fact that the netting is hung over the frame means considerable less sag, only a few inches rather than feet.  Traditional cages normally have only three or four frames to support the netting.  The weight of the netting causes tremendous sag, in some cases 2-3' of sag.  It is not uncommon for a 12' high traditional cage to only have 9' of height clearance.  Look at some of the pictures on the web and see.  Most of the time the other cage manufacturers will only display drawings of their netting, of course with no sag!  The picture on the left was taken at our local high school.  The net barely cleared a 7' L-screen there was so much sag!


A Wheelhouse backyard batting cage - has a one year money back guarantee.  This is why Wheelhouse could be one of your best investments.  Our batting cages carry a one-year money back guarantee.  In most cases, other vendors only have a 60-day guarantee.  This applies only to our batting cages.

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