As founders of Wheelhouse Batting Cages, we started in 1998 with some simple ideas. Build an affordable batting cage that is not only durable and safe, but portable. We also wanted to provide quality customer service. When we started there were neither portable nor affordable batting cages available. We designed the first "netting over the frame" portable batting cage on the market. Since then we have sold our batting cages in all 50 states and Washington, DC. We have sold internationally as well, with cages in Australia, Canada, Curacao, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and the Virgin Islands.

A main objective for us is to maintain high standards for our products. But we also try to provide the best possible service. We answer the phone and respond to emails, Facebook, Twitter, and texts. As a small company we cannot afford unhappy clients. We normally ship a cage the same day it is ordered.


One year money back guarantee on all batting cages.

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Almost always same day shippng

We do our best to ship your batting cage the same day it is ordered. Batting cage arrives within one week of being shipped.


We answer the phone and respond to emails

We are a small company and cannot afford unhappy clients. Contact us. We will answer your questions.


When shopping for a batting cage ask a lot of questions.

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Robert R DeCloss

Owner & CEO

Who we are - BobRobert, or Bob, is a Mathematician by trade and was a professor of mathematics for 27 years, who retired from teaching at the end of 2012.  He earned his PHD from Oklahoma State University.  He became passionate about baseball along with his son and when they both were tired of chasing down balls during batting practice, they decided to look into acquiring a batting cage.  The prices on the market were out of our price range and thus began R&D for what is now known as the WheelHouse Batting Cage.  Bob designed the system and has now been operating the company since 1998.  [Now that I’m retired I can spend more time on the business end of things.  I’m not sure that is a good thing or not!]

Daniel P DeCloss

Vice President

Who we are - DanielDaniel will always be a baseball player at heart.  As a kid, you usually had to drag him off of the field and today he still loves to coach and teach kids the fundamentals of the game.  The WheelHouse fifty foot cage served Daniel well during his playing days helping him hit over .360 for his high school career and winning a state championship his senior year.  He also earned a college baseball scholarship out of the deal as well.  Daniel has helped with all aspects of the business since its inception and still believes that WheelHouse Batting Cages are the best cages to practice in.