PROP Addresses the College Softball Strike Zone

The 2014 NCAA Softball season is fast approaching, and accompanying this new season are a few new rules and regulations regarding gameplay.  In a meeting earlier this year, the Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) addressed organizational issues that were documented in recent college softball seasons and have decided upon several rule and policy changes as a result.  Among these changes is the addition of two new diagrams in the NCAA Softball Rules and Interpretations Book intended to better educate players and officials on the definition of the strike zone.

The first diagram will be a horizontal representation depicting the width of the strike zone.  The limits of the width are bounded by the edges of the 17-inch wide home plate plus the width of the softball as it grazes either edge.

The second illustration will depict a vertical view of the existing strike zone.  This dimension varies depending on the batter, extending from the bottom of her sternum to the top of her knees.

The motivation behind amending the representation of the strike zone is to educate the players and coaches alike.  With this improved visual aid, it becomes easier to both train pitchers and teach batters to swing at strikes. Having this new diagram as reference will also help umpires to more accurately and consistently call the strike zone.

Clarity is key when it comes to education, and the better educated players, coaches, and umpires all are, the better the softball game.  The latest in PROP educates via the rule book.  While the definition of the strike zone will not change, the new diagrams in the NCAA Softball Rules and Interpretations Book together depict the area in three dimensions, making it clearer than ever.

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