Sports Tutor – TriplePlay Ultra

$7,299.00 $6,934.00

Programmable Pitching Machine



Triple Play Ultra

TriplePlay Ultra

• Automatically pitches as often as every 8 seconds
(mixing pitch types and speeds may increase interval)
• Program balls and strikes for pitch discrimination drills
• Simulate opposing pitchers for more realistic practices
- Repeat, Sequence, and Random pitch modes
• Programming takes less than 30 seconds per pitch
• Pitches are stored for future use
• Pre-pitch beep & light sequence help batter time pitches


Pitch Speed 40 to 90 MPH
Recommended balls 9” Low Seam Real Baseballs
Auto Pitch Modes Repeat, Sequence, Random
Programmability 64 pitches in 8 programs
Ball Exit Height 50” to 60” adjustable
Dimensions 30”W x 32”D x 62”-72”H
Weight 190 pounds
Power 115V grounded outlet
Warranty 2 years

California residents have to pay 9% sales tax only on the pitching machine and pitching machine accessories.