Sports Tutor – TriplePlay Basic/Plus

$1,999.00 $1,899.00

The TriplePlay Basic pitching machine throws FASTBALLS, SINKERS, CURVES and SLIDERS at speeds from 30 to 80 MPH.




The Details.

The TriplePlay Basic/Plus pitching machine throws FASTBALLS, SINKERS, CURVES and SLIDERS at speeds from 30 to 80 MPH.  The TriplePlay Basic is the “compact” version of the original TriplePlay Pro Pitching Machine. This machine will throw all the pitches very accurately up to 80mph. Simply adjust the 3 dials on the TriplePlay Basic and any type of pitch desired is yours. The TriplePlay Basic can throw straight fastballs, sliders, sinkers, curves, splitters, change-ups and knuckleballs. A little different than the original TriplePlay pitching machine, the Basic can use either a standard outlet or an optional 12v battery pack. No electrical outlet is needed with the TriplePlay Basic pitching machine when you use the special battery pack. It’s the only 3 wheel machine with a battery pack option and it can throw any type of pitch desired. The TriplePlay Basic pitching machine is a tremendous value at this price.

Basic vs Plus.

TriplePlay Basic Panel
Basic dials
TriplePlay Plus panel
Plus digital panel

For $200 more you can get the TriplePlay Plus.  This is like the Basic with a digital panel rather than dials.  It is easier to select a pitch and speed.  This is a lot like the TriplePlay Pro, but about $700 cheaper.  Select the “PLUS” version in the options menu when you buy.

Visibility. The baseball is visible from the time it leaves the feeder’s hand until it is pitched, unlike two-wheel pitching machines in which the ball is hidden by the throwing wheels before being pitched. This allows the hitter to more naturally time the pitches.

Accuracy. TriplePlay Basic’s three-wheel pitching mechanism is more accurate than two wheels because more gripping surface is put on the ball.

Time. The three-wheel design requires significantly less movement of the throwing mechanism to produce different pitches than does a two-wheel machine, so changing pitches takes less time.

Versatile and Easy to Transport. TriplePlay Basic moves easily to the field for batting and fielding practice – both groundballs and flyballs. Just lay it down and use the built-in transport wheels to push it across the field.


Optional Battery Pack. If you play on a field without electric power the TriplePlay Basic’s DC capability means you won’t need a noisy generator. Just plug in the optional External HD Battery Pack and pitch for over four hours before recharging. The External HD Battery Pack comes complete with its own internal battery charger that fully recharges the battery overnight.

California residents have to pay 9% sales tax only on the pitching machine and pitching machine accessories.