#21 Knotted Nylon Batting Cages

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#21 Knotted Nylon Batting Cages come in four sizes: 40', 50', 60', or 70'.

Specifications:  Our trapezoidal batting cage measures 10’ tall, 10’ wide on top, and 14’ wide on bottom. All Wheelhouse batting cages come with a complete L-screen, 7' wide by 6.5' tall, and a 3' by 3.5' cutout. Everything you need to start hitting is included, except the 10' frame poles which you buy locally.  This batting cage uses #21 knotted nylon netting.  It is made from high-tenacity nylon and is treated for UV and water resistant for optimum strength and durability.  We do not use poly net or HDPE.  Poly net is weaker by about 30-50%.

Heavier Netting:  In most backyard family settings, the #21 knotted nylon is plenty strong and will last for year.  However, if you want to consider a heavier net see our #36 knotted nylon batting cage.

What you get: 

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  • Net - #21 knotted nylon netting.  It has a 209 pound burst strength per strand or 836 pounds per mesh.  This is plenty strong for most backyard family applications.
  • Frame Connectors - these connectors are included.
  • Free L-screen - complete with net,  connectors, and l-screen poles.

Choose from four sizes:  Choose the right size batting cage for your situation.

  • 40' (requires 23 poles) - for younger players and/or small yards
  • 50' (requires 28 poles) - good for all ages, most popular
  • 60' (requires 33 poles) - most versatile
  • 70' (requires 38 poles) - best for live hitting with live pitching

What you need to buy: You need to buy the frame poles locally.  These are 3/4" EMT (electrical metallic tubing, trade name is "thin wall."  They are standard 10' long and are readily available at places like Lowe's or Home Depot.  They are fairly inexpensive.  As of 2/01/2017, they run about $3.71 per pole.

Easy Installation:  When you order a Wheelhouse Batting Cage, we normally ship within a day so you can be hitting in your backyard within a week. Our cages are easy to assemble and portable.  They can be put up in as little as 15 minutes. Take them on the road for your travel team or to a tournament for extra batting practice.  Our batting cages are flexible and fit odd shaped yards, including uneven ground.  They can be used indoors too.  You can always make the cage shorter, just not longer.


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