The Big Unit – Randy Johnson

THE BIG UNIT – RANDY JOHNSON Probably no one put more fear into left handed batters in recent history than “The Big Unit”, Randy Johnson.  Standing 6′ 10″ tall with a blistering fastball reaching over 100 mph many times, he … Read More

Buying a Batting Cage – Part Deux

Tips on buying a batting cage (revisited) Sorry I got carried away with this post…  Type of netting. Netting is absolutely the most important part of your cage.  It is the most expensive and you want to make sure you … Read More

Buying a Batting Cage – Part 1

Tips on buying a batting cage Years ago it was pretty much out of “regular” folk’s budget to own a batting cage.  They ran anywhere form $2500-3500.  They were permanent, with concrete to pour and a very heavy structure to … Read More

A Complete Baseball Fantasy in You Backyard

Stop chasing the ball! From team practice on the field to backyard fun with your children, Wheelhouse batting cages provides an affordable, durable, and portable solution to your baseball practice needs that will get the whole neighborhood over to your … Read More

How a Batting Cage Can Save you Time and Money

If your son or daughter loves to play baseball, or if you’re the manager of a little league team, a backyard batting cage is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. No more running around the park, trying to find … Read More

Batting Practice in your Own Backyard

Tired of going to the local batting cages and paying high prices just to get in some batting practice? Great news! Wheelhouse has got you covered. Now you can have your very own batting cage in your own backyard. HOA … Read More

Make the Most of your Portable Batting Cage

Whether for Little League practice, or to keep your swing strong, Wheelhouse batting cages are the perfect accessory for any backyard, but why be limited to baseball? Offering golf net attachments, Wheelhouse is your one-stop shop for your backyard sports … Read More

Wrist Care

How to Care for Your Wrist in Baseball While you are inside your portable batting cage with the ultimate pitching machine from Cagesplus, it’s important to remind yourself to mind your wrists. They are constantly torqued in different directions and … Read More

Cages*Plus Brings Baseball Batting Practice Home

The Leader in Portable Hitting Systems Hits a Grand Slam for Baseball Players Young and Old Looking to Get in Quality Practice When it comes to baseball, there’s no doubt about it that practice makes perfect. But quality practice – … Read More

Triple Crown Sports – Bend, OR

Triple Crown Sports Memorial Day 2016 – Bend, OR We had a great trip to Bend, OR to check out the Triple Crown Sports Memorial Day weekend tournament.  We visited around 10 parks to see how the facilities might work … Read More

ABCA 2016 – 2nd installment

ABCA 2016 – Second installment Have you ever wondered about what goes on at those ABCA gatherings? What are those coaches sessions really like? I often did. As I accompanied my husband Bob to numerous events but was restricted to … Read More

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