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Biggest Home Runs in Baseball History

Baseball, perhaps more than any other major sport, is a game obsessed with statistics and records. Some of the most monumental moments in baseball history have come not just from dramatic playoff wins or walk-off runs, but from late regular-season … Read More

Batting Practice Tips for the Cages

Hitting in baseball is a delicate art—timing, power, and precision all are key elements of success for a hitter, and practice is essential to master the motion. To the uninitiated, it may seem difficult to grasp the keys to success … Read More

Who Invented the Batting Cage? A History

The batting cage is such a ubiquitous resource to today’s athletes that it is easy to forget that it has not always existed! Indeed, the boom of baseball in America’s 19th century gave rise to the batting cage’s invention, but … Read More

Baseball’s Enigmatic Eephus Pitch

Baseball’s annals are full of zany bloopers, dramatic walk-off home runs, and thunderous grand slams. However, perhaps more so than other sports, baseball is renowned for its occasional eccentricity—bizarre twists of fate in the course of a sport that normally … Read More

Shorter or Longer? Faster or Slower?

Anytime a sport undergoes a major change, whether due to technology or methods of training, pundits are quick to weigh in on whether this or that aspect is an improvement. And then the myths proliferate. In the case of batting … Read More