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Teen Female Knuckleballer Tosses BP for Rays

It’s hard enough for major league ballplayers to find some semblance of consistency when eyeing pitches during batting practice. Certain BP hurlers have quietly gained stellar reputations for knowing just where to place each pitch to best benefit every hitter. … Read More

Major League Baseball’s Hitter-Friendly Parks

When it comes to determining the Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums that are the most hitter-friendly, plenty of sluggers would opt for their home fields, where the visiting team always needs to make more adjustments than the hosts. When the … Read More

Net Benefits for Golf – Golf Nets

The whole idea of taking a set of clubs out to the golf course and, in the case of many an amateur, a healthy number of golf balls – for that occasional mis-hit out-of-bounds – is to unleash your inner … Read More

Crazy Batting Practice Stories

Baseball players, from the professional level on down, have spent countless hours perfecting their technique in batting practices and batting cages, as well as on the diamond. Over the course of time, even some of the greatest hitters in baseball … Read More

Pitching Championship Perfect

The news that San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum had pitched his second no-hitter against the San Diego Padres in less than a year had the baseball world buzzing about one of the game’s current masters of the mound. Was … Read More

All-Star Pitcher in No Man’s Land

Being traded to a playoff contender is typically great news for a player toiling with a struggling team. But when the trade results in the player in question being knocked out of Major League Baseball (MLB)’s All-Star Game, the move … Read More

Tips to Stay Active in Batting Practice

Junior/Seniors Perfect Game Tournament – Jupiter, FL There is a fine balance to making exercise intensive and rigorous, and making it fun enough to keep you relaxed and loose. Batting practice is fun regardless of your skill and strength level, … Read More