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Major League Training in the Cages

Batting cages are a fun and popular activity for people from all walks of life—from elite athletes to children to working adults looking to get fit. The approach of a pro to the batting cage experience, of course, is very … Read More

Burning Calories at the Batting Cage

Taking practice swings at a batting cage is fun and healthy—but batting cages can do more for your physical fitness than meets the eye! Of course, what you get will be a product of what you put in, and the … Read More

Batting Cage Wizard Promoted with Yankees

Hard work in the batting cages can be rewarding for anyone—fun, exercise, and the thrill of accomplishment are standard benefits. For the newest member of the New York Yankees’ coaching staff, Danilo Valiente, dedication to the batting cages turned into … Read More

Baseball Thriving in America and Overseas

Baseball has long been known as America’s pastime. In an age when football and basketball have surged in popularity, where does baseball stand? Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Bud Selig recently said, “Our sport has never been more popular.” The … Read More

This Month in Stickball History

The invention of television is complicated. TV didn’t appear fully formed in of a laboratory, but stumbled bit by bit out of the collective imaginations of tinkerers and scientists all over the world after decades of research and hobby. There’s … Read More

Memorial Weekend Baseball

Statistically, baseball is the most statistically statistical game in America and, of course, we have the statistics to support this. Cliff Stewart knows a thing or two about statistics. As part of the Forgotten Convoy, Cliff sailed war supplies between … Read More