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Little League turns 75

Little League turns 75 The world’s largest organized youth sports program is all grown up now. Little League Baseball, founded in 1939, is prepared to celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary this year, and festivities have been planned accordingly. Little League came … Read More

Batting Practice 101… With Mariano Rivera

This month, a group of sportswriters were treated to a private batting practice as part of a promotion for New Era’s new Diamond Era cap. The writers were to stand in a batting cage at New York’s legendary Yankee Stadium … Read More

Yanks Retire Their Last Single-Digit #s

2014 has already been a big year for baseball news, and that includes both Little League Baseball and the New York Yankees Franchise. This year marks the 75th anniversary celebration for Little League Baseball as well as the 40th anniversary … Read More

Kids Play for Fun, Friends

We all have our own hopes and expectations, our own reasons for encouraging our kids to play sports.  Maybe we want our little athletes to enjoy the game as much as we did at their age, or maybe the goal … Read More

Lessons in Empathy with D-Back Role Models

Empathy: the ability to understand and share in someone else’s emotions without necessarily sharing their experiences.  Finding a way to put oneself in another’s shoes, so to speak, requires highly sophisticated emotional and moral compass.  Our capacity to empathize with … Read More