2014 Marks 75 Years of Little League

For many of us, learning how to throw a baseball is one of our most meaningful childhood memories.  One spring morning, Dad or Grandad or Uncle gave you that first baseball glove, and took you out in the yard for your first game of catch.  For you and baseball, it was love at first pitch, and it wasn’t long after that you started swinging a bat.  For generations, kids and baseball have gone together like peanut butter and jelly, and now after 75 years, the 2014 season will mark the Diamond Anniversary of Little League Baseball.

It is impossible to imagine a childhood without baseball – from backyard sandlots to big league stadiums; an afternoon game of catch to catching a foul ball under the lights, baseball plays at least a small part in every kid’s growing up.  The establishment of Little League Baseball by Carl E. Stotz in 1939 changed the way kids experience our great American pastime, making them the stars of their favorite game.

Little League is big fun, and it provides valuable lessons in effort and sportsmanship for young boys and girls alike.  More importantly, it provides kids with an opportunity for personal growth and  self-pride.  Now that Little League is turning 75, how will you and your Little League star commemorate the occasion?

Since 1939, kids have had the opportunity to take their ball game from their backyard to a diamond of their own.  75 years later, celebrate Little League’s Diamond Anniversary by investing in your child’s passion for baseball!  While nothing can replace memories of playing catch with Dad, don’t let a tired pitching arm prevent your son or daughter from reaching his or her full potential on the ballfield – celebrate a quarter-century of Little League with a home batting cage this year!
With excellent customer service and competitive pricing, Wheelhouse can help you get your backyard set up in time for the 75th season’s batting practice.  Call today!