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    Batting CagesFree shipping on all Wheelhouse Batting Cages.  Our batting cages are available in four different sizes and two knotted nylon netting strengths.
    Pitching MachinesTired of wearing out your arm?  Pitching machines are great for batting and fielding practice.  We offer quality pitching machines:  Bata, First Pitch, Sports Tutor, and Zooka.
    Package Deals on Batting Cages and Pitching MachinesBundling saves you money – order your Wheelhouse batting cage and pitching machine together to complete your setup and earn discounted pricing – a double play!
    Golf Net and Practice NetsWe have something for that golfer in your family too!  Add a golf insert to your batting cage.  Or for the avid golfer, purchase a stand alone model.

    Wheelhouse Batting Cages

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    Baseball 2015

    Most pitchers and catchers report Feb 19, position players Feb 24. Are you ready for baseball? Buy a Wheelhouse Batting Cage today and be hitting within a week.

    Umpires – you make the call

    Answer to last question – the ball is fair.  Here’s another one, taken from true life – Dodger ace, Don Drysdale going for 58 2/3 consecutive shutout innings.  In 1968 facing the Giants.  It’s top of the 9th, 2 men out, bases loaded.  Has 2-2 count on Dick Dietz.  Next pitch inside hits Dietz, who stood still, allowing ball to hit him, halting Drysdale’s shutout string — or did it?  What is the correct call here?  Click here for more details.

    Our Story

    Some customer comments. Visit Customer Comments for more.
    1/26/2015 – Ridgefield, CT
    Still enjoying the batting cage a year and one half later. It provides  great goal for soccer as well.  Regards,  JD

    10/17/2014 -Damascus, MD
    Been meaning to respond.  The cage has been great.  My kids (14, 10) ask me to pitch to them all the time.  The netting, poles and connectors work very well.  The poles do deaden the balls as they drop down harmlessly.   I did have some ground stakes from a previous cage that was destroyed by wind.  The poles that I purchased from Home Depot fit perfectly into the ground stakes and wind has not been a problem at all.   Great purchase and have recommended others to your product.  SM05/20/2014 – West Islip, NY
    Bob, I want to thank you again for all of your help and support. I assembled the net on Sunday and it works great. Only took me an hour and a half by myself. It could not have been easier. My boys can’t get enough of the cage and are begging me to pitch to them. I guess I need to invest in a pitching machine. I have already recommended you to several of my friends and families of the boys I coach. Thanks again, SS

    4/30/2014 – Indian Trail, NC
    Hello Bob, I wanted to take a minute and comment on the batting cage we purchased from you. We have been very satisfied with the cage thus far. We pretty much left it up all winter without any problems. We did take some of the suggestions and tied it down at each conduit and on each end. Also some strapping of the net so that it didn’t move around in the wind. We have used bungee straps every so often to keep the net off the ground when not in use. We love the way the conduit gives upon impact reducing any ricochet. I would recommend your product to anyone, it is well worth the money. Thanks, CB

    3/19/2014 – Bonita, CA
    Bob,  I have had the cage now for about two weeks, it works great!  It was very easy to put together, I almost put it together by myself, I only needed help getting the net straight.  My son and his friends love it, it’s very strong and holds up well to hard hit balls.  Thanks for the great product!  MD

    2/23/2014 – Sacramento, KY
    Thanks we ordered the batting cage earlier this year.  We have it inside our building behind our house.   My 10 year old loves it and we are now able to have his batting/pitching trainer come here to our house.  Good quality!!  TL

    1/17/2014 – Columbus, IN
    Hey Bob,  I have been using the batting cage for about 3 months now and I has been a very important tool for my fast pitch team.  What a great ideal!!!  We use it 3 to 4 days a week for practice and it sets up very easy and disassembles easy as well.  The only addition to the cage that I would add is an option for rubber feet for the poles so when we put it up in our warehouse (which is concrete floor)  it doesn’t slide around.  Thank you again for such a great product.  KD

    Newsworthy Notes

    Cal and Billy Ripken

    Wheelhouse Batting Cages has been a proud partner of Ripken Baseball for many years. See our photo album on the Gallery page. See our link on their site: http://www.ripkenbaseball.com/ Check out one of their many camps or tournaments at either Aberdeen, MD or Myrtle Beach, SC.




    We are also involved with Perfect Game visit their web site too: http://www.perfectgame.org/

    Some Personal History, Comments, and Suggestions.

    We started in 1998 and our history has been interesting and exciting. We sold our 1000th batting cage in July 2002, our 2000th cage in April 2004, our 3000th cage in June 2006, our 4000th cage in May of 2008, our 5000th cage in May of 2010, our 6000th cage in March of 2012, and our 7000th cage in April 2013. We have sold our batting cages in all 50 states and Washington, DC. We have sold internationally as well. We have cages in Australia, Canada, Curacao, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, and Qatar.

    More and more companies are copying our idea, some are making subtle changes. You, as the consumer, should be aware of what you are getting. For example, I got a call from a prospect, who became a client, saying that one of my competitors was offering a batting cage similar to mine and at a cheaper price. They were even going to throw in the L-screen. When I investigated further, I found out they were offering poly net rather than knotted nylon. Poly net is quite a bit weaker and less expensive than knotted nylon. In my opinion, knotted nylon is a lot more durable than poly net. See discussion on the Details page. Since we started in 1998, we have never had a water problem, UV deterioration, or any breakage of our net. Knotted nylon is easy to repair. So when shopping make sure to compare what you are getting. Ask a lot of questions.

    I get calls about accessories for our batting cages. Some of my competition provides leaded rope, others sell backdrops, still others offer other things for sale. I’m cheap, sorry frugal, I try to find inexpensive alternatives. Here are some. Leaded rope is expensive and heavy to ship. I used to offer it, but now I make my net wider. It is 36′ wide and the perimeter of my frame is only 30′, so there is 3′ of overhang all the way around. But if you still feel you need something, try a simple garden hose. It is much cheaper than leaded rope and will do the same thing – provide a little extra weight on the net so it won’t blow around as much in wind. Some companies offer expensive backdrops. I suggest an inexpensive piece of carpet. Hang it from the roof corner connectors.

    Because our batting cages are free standing and lightweight, wind is the one weakness of our system. Strong cross winds can actually tip over the cage. If you can put the batting cage near a barrier like house, fence, or trees, generally wind is not an issue. If you are in a windy climate and your cage is in the wide open space you should anchor down the cage in some fashion. See question 15 on the FAQ page.

    Our batting cages are not perfect and may not be for everyone. However, I think we have made a good product and people feel they are getting very good value for the dollar they spend. We also provide excellent customer service and support.